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Offering employers from across Canada a service to attract qualified candidates.

Why a Job Posting package?

  • Reach more people

    More than 4,000 ISTQB certified testers from across Canada can search the CSTB Job Board.

  • Find specialized talent

    Canadian Software Testing Board Members have access to the jobs posted on the CSTB Job Board.

  • Connect with interested candidates

    The CSTB Job Board members can search jobs, create job alerts and be notified by email that your job has been posted, and apply right away.

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$500 for members or $500 for non-members

30 Days Resume Database Access

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Why use the CSTB Job Board Resume Database?

  • Proactively find talent

    More than 8,000 job searches are conducted by engineering candidates every month.

  • Save money

    Get unlimited access to more than 13,000 resumes. Source candidates for an unlimited number of positions during your 30-day subscription.

  • Target specific qualifications

    Use powerful resume search tools to target candidates based on experience with specific experience, past employers, education, location, salary range, and a number of other criteria.

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$700 for members or $700 for non-members

  • 1 Job post
  • Resume Database
  • Access for 30 days

Why this promotional offer?

  • Maximize your reach

    There are more than 23,000 job searches every month by certified members, and more than 13,000 available resumes in the database.

  • Go high impact

    Combine the wide exposure of a Job Posting with a targeted search in the Resume Database. Get the best possible exposure for your opportunity.

  • Bundled value

    Save $100 ($75 for non-members) when you combine these products. It`s the most cost effective way to use your recruitment budget.

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Use your brand to attract top talent.

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Why use an Employer Logo Suite?

  • Capitalize on your brand

    Increase attention by using the power of your own brand. An employer logo attracts the eyes of more qualified candidates.

  • Stand out in searches

    Your employer logo is displayed right search results pages next to your posting for that extra visual pop.

  • Get noticed more

    You're also featured in the Who's Hiring section, right on your Employer Profile. Make sure your brand is front and centre every place your job appears on the site.

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